Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sungold Tomatoes!

I thought I'd post a few photos of 'Sungold' tomatoes, since I spend so much time talking about them! They have an extremely high sugar content, making them true garden candy. They are also very easy to grow, prolific and disease resistant. Sungold is always the first tomato to ripen in our garden, offering its first fruits in late July. Mind you, I don't know if any have actually ever made it to the kitchen! They all seem to get gobbled up right in the tomato patch!

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  1. Not a big potato eater, however love a new one with steak or hodgepodge.Running out of space, I grew 5 different types above rocky ground, in large black pots, shrubs and trees come in. Works great, need watering often.Just started carrots this week indoor, same way. Frank Mosher. Of your beans mentioned, the emerite pole beans are exceptional, pest free, and you don't have to crouch to pick them.


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