Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Join me at the Spring Ideal Home Show!

It's that time of the year again! Take a deep breath.. can you smell the sweet scent of the freshly turned soil? Spring is finally here and gardeners are starting to think about the upcoming season. Well, to be perfectly honest, I never stop thinking about the garden! But, if you need any ideas and tips for creating a high-yield veggie patch or a spectacular container garden, I hope you'll come to the Spring Ideal Home Show this Friday, Saturday or Sunday to check out my upcoming lectures.

Check out this article that ran in the Halifax Herald this morning about my seminars (

I'll be in the Garden and Patio section throughout the weekend, but if you're hoping to catch one of my talks, here's the official schedule:

Friday - 4 pm Cutting Edge Containers and 7 pm Amazing Edibles: Simple Ideas for Small Organic Gardens
Saturday - 12:30 pm Amazing Edibles and 4 pm Cutting Edge Containers
Sunday - 1 pm Cutting Edge Containers

Hope to see you there!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Hi Niki! I've been waiting for updates on your blog at southshoreclipper but here you are! I see you have been busy. Hope those giant cabbage seeds have sprouted for you.Mine are getting too big for the house.Later Pete from Moncton area.

  2. Hey Pete! Great to hear from you.. Yep, my giant cabbages are getting a bit unruly! I'm looking forward to putting them in the garden and watching them take over - after all, you did say they can get 4+ feet across!

    I hope your Sungold tomatoes all sprouted.. I have about 20 types of tomatoes growing well under my lights now - let's hope for a nice summer!

  3. Shamefully, I must have given your seeds too much heat(sat on top of the flourescent light in wet paper towel) because I was only able to grow one sungold(4 inches high now),but have scrambled to source some sungold seeds here in Moncton from Halifax seeds thru their rep and I should be getting them any day.I also lost some giant cabbage seeds also that way so it must be too hot.Sure looks like spring is coming early this year.Hope I can break 1000lbs on the giant pumpkin.I have lots of good seeds if you have the room. pete

  4. Hey Pete - too bad about the Sungolds.. Halifax Seed is offering them this year, so I'm glad you were able to get more! You will love them! Maybe I'll take you up on the pumpkin offer next year - no space this year.. especially with your giant cabbages! Send me photos though! :)

  5. Just a note...with the cabbages,you should pick the one or two that are growing the fastest and give them special treatment such as a deep pit with lots of pro-mix.That variety of cabbage will produce some "sleepers" that may never head up,and not so impressive.The cabbage stalks from last years crop that I buried last fall survived and are sprouting and I hope the experiment will produce seeds although I have been warned that they need diversity (but I have 5 ..hopefully).

  6. Thanks Pete - great advice.. I'll be sure to follow it! I think I have about 4 that sprouted.. should be fun - the kids are excited!


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