Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Sign of Spring!

Every year I tell myself that I need to start making more ornamental gardens.. and then every year, I devote all my time to the kitchen garden, while the rest of the landscape remains ignored. Well, no more! This is the year that we're finally going to finally start adding some shrub and perennial beds. I have a rather pretty (if I do say so myself!) perennial border at the back of our house, but it's time to take that a step further and do some work to the back terrace, the back lawn and the front gardens.

We visited the nearby home of Duff and Donna yesterday, who also happen to have their garden featured in the current (March) issue of Gardens East. Even in March their property is spectacular and the visit was a wonderful source of inspiration for me. I am particularly fond of their witch hazel shrubs and the photos with this post are of 'Arnold's Promise' and 'Jelena' - two incredible spring beauties! Donna says that they've been in bloom for about a month - since late Feb!

They've also put in a soon-to-be-planted potager (as you can see from the first photo) that Duff built last fall. I'll follow the progress of their garden, and post updates as the season progresses!

Happy Gardening!

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