Monday, March 22, 2010

Upcoming Interview with Barbara Pleasant!

Spring is finally here and the start of The Weekend Gardener is just around the corner! I've been busy booking guests for this season on the show and I'm thrilled to say that Barbara Pleasant, the author of my favourite new gardening book - Starter Vegetable Gardens - is going to join me to chat about her no-fail plans for small organic gardens. I'll announce the date a bit closer to that particular show, but it will be in late May.

Barbara is such a fun guest - and so knowledgeable! She joined me on the air a few years ago when her last book, The Complete Compost Gardening Guide, was released, so I'm really looking forward to chatting with her again. One of the reasons that I love this new book is because the garden plans detailed inside are so simple and unique. They're ideal for a novice veggie gardener or someone like me (crazy obsessive!).

I am especially enthusiastic about her 'Easy-Care Bag Garden', a design that uses bagged garden soil to create a simple, no till garden. If placed on an existing lawn, these garden bags will help the turf underneath break down over the course of the season, and by the time the last veggie is harvested in autumn and the bags are removed, you can easily fluff the soil, add some compost and you're ready to plant the next spring - no heavy digging or sod removing necessary!

Many of the designs in the book (there are 24!) offer a 3 year plan, so that you expand your garden as you expand your experience, without feeling overwhelmed by maintenance. The design illustrations are also very easy to understand, not to mention attractive.

Stay tuned for more details about my upcoming interview with Barbara - plus, I'll have several copies of her book to give away to listeners!

Happy Gardening!

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