Friday, April 30, 2010

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Honestly! Is spring weather this crazy everywhere? Yesterday was a bizarre mixture of drizzle, clouds, torrential rain and a brief occasional spurt of sunshine to keep you from going crazy.. then, just after supper, the sky opened up and huge chunks of hail started to fall.. it was the biggest hail that I've ever seen - some of the balls measured 1 cm across! The kids had a great time of course.. but I was thinking that perhaps I should have covered some of the early veggies with a row cover..

This is not a great photo, but the chunks were melting as fast as I could hold them, and I was trying to rush the shot.. it gives you an idea of the size of some of the hail balls though and you can see the grass behind the hand is covered in the hail.. simply crazy weather!

On a happier note, the arugula sprouted in the coldframe (insert happy dance) - I'll try to get photos this weekend of the emerging crops - and my daily squishing of the slugs seems to be making a difference (knock on wood!). Most of the slugs are hiding out in a few clumps of tall grass that border the garden and I've been neglectful in digging them out.. when the sun comes out tomorrow (so, the local weatherman says - I'll believe it when I see it!), I'll get up there and finally remove them and hopefully eliminate one of the main hideouts for the slugs!

Happy Gardening!

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