Saturday, May 8, 2010

Busy weekend

Phew! I'm tired already and the weekend is only 1/2 over! Yesterday, the kids helped me dig the new spot for the sunflower house - when I say 'help', I mean watch and offer random pieces of advice. I'll post photos in the next day or two - it's pouring out, so no chance to snap a few right now.. It's funny how my soil seems to grow such nice rocks - big ones too! After prying out about a dozen large rocks from the sunflower house, I'm just glad my shovel didn't break! Happy Mother's Day to me!

Then, we made a quick pre-rain trip to the Halifax Public Gardens.. take a look at these beauties! I just love Fritillaria imperalis - so gorgeous! They're also unpalatable to deer - just another great reason to love them..

We also seeded a half dozen types of sunflowers indoors under the lights. Once the risk of frost has passed in early June, we'll plant them around the sunflower house, along with some marigolds, zinnias and purple pole beans! The beans will eventually create a roof on the house and the kids can munch on the pretty purple beans that hang down.. sounds like a nice place for me to relax with a good book!

I'm also looking forward to this coming week.. my 'garden gal' neighbours and I are going on a plant road trip! We'll be heading down the south shore to The Briar Patch, Village Nursery and Oceanview Nursery and Landscaping.. the only problem is - how many plants can three people get in 1 car? Time will tell!

Happy Gardening and Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Ocean View Nursery has expanded this year and wow...a lot of lovely decoration and eye popping drama items for the garden. They even have a small market area, with fresh eggs and greens as well as their usual selection of wonderful shrubs, trees, annuals and perennials. Hope the weather is good for you.

  2. I was there just 2 days ago, buying myself some Pretty Much Picasso Supertunia - my favourite new container plant for 2010.. they've done a great job.. nice seed racks too - Renees Garden and Cook's Garden.. It's lovely to see local business thrive!


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