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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cucumber Trellis

I just received this photo from Pete from NB, an avid veggie gardener.. He just built this new trellis for his cucumbers from poplar saplings and it measures about 12 x 12-feet..

Pretty snazzy, eh?

While we're on the subject of cucumbers, I planted my cuke seeds indoors last week. I usually try to give them about 5 weeks under the lights before the seedlings are moved outside to the garden.

As I've mentioned before, we love Lemon cukes, but also grow the crisp and delicious 'Garden Oasis'. 'Garden Oasis' is a Lebanese-type picked when still small and tender - about 4 to 5 inches long - and is similar to the grocery store cukes that are sold for an outrageous price for a small package.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Very snazzy!!))What a huge garden bed...Oh If I only if I only had the room!! Want to see this garden in July and August please Pete...

  2. There will be more pics if Niki wants to post them.Since I am by the main highway,I do get a lot of interest,but even more so now,since I started growing giant pumpkins.I am amazed at how much people have responded to this and one lady brought me a woool blanket to cover it at night and lots of sheer curtains for bug protection!Neighbors have used it for an opportunity to stop and say hello plus the strangers as well...just unreal.It is a lot of work though but for some reason,it seems to be a bright spot for others and so I will continue it with two plants this year.Sadly it seems,lots of people have the land to grow nice gardens but would rather mow it instead.I can drive for miles without ever seeing one.They don't know what they are missing.The opportunity to "eat like a king" thru summer and fall is reason enough for me.Thanks again for your nice comments.

  3. Hey Pete.. I'm happy to post them anytime.. I'd love to follow the progress.. it's amazing the response you can get when your garden is in plain view.. my neighbour has her garden in the front yard and has had the same reaction from the neighbourhood.. my garden is in the backyard and is hidden from view.. so, that's something i miss out on!

    keep us posted!

  4. got to love this weather...pole and bush beans in,carrots up,potatoes sticking thru and my tomatoes are hardened off...wow!

  5. That trellis is some serious business. It has me rethinking my trellis choice.


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