Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garden updates..

Things are growing like crazy! I've been planting new seeds and seedlings every day and have even reshaped some of the garden beds. It's surprising how a little change like a slight altering of the garden design can make a such a huge difference. Some of my beds were rather large and I needed to use a flat board in order to reach the centre for planting and harvesting. I wasn't happy with that, but was reluctant to give up precious growing space to allow for more access. Yet, I broke down a few days ago and divided some of the larger beds into smaller plantings by adding a few 1-foot wide pathways. Now, I'm pleased as punch! I feel like I've just rejuvenated the entire garden!

I will post some photos, but my beloved camera sadly passed on to a better place and I need to replace it - hopefully in the next few days (any suggestions? I'm thinking a Canon digital SLR).

Here are a few shots though from today with my ancient camera.. the baby greens are growing like crazy and we've been enjoying some lovely gourmet salads.. Also, the celery and celeriac seedlings are in the ground and I've interplanted some mixed baby lettuces between the plants. The seeds have just sprouted, although you can't tell that by this photo. By the time the celery and celeriac need the space, the lettuces will be long gone.

The cold frame crops are also doing very well. I
keep the tops open most days, although they are still closed at night, as the evenings are quite cool - it was down to 2 C on Sunday night. It's been cloudy, cool and windy most days, but I still need to water the cold frame crops every day or two. The baby arugla is now 3 weeks old and the leaves are about 2 to 3 inches long - perfect for a salad. The purple pak choi is also big enough to be added to a stir fry or eaten fresh (often right from the cold frame!)

I hope to have a new camera in just a few days and will then take many more photos - especially of the new beds. The two A-frame trellises also need to be put up and I still need to clean up the area around the cold frames.. this weekend, I hope!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Wow..everything is growing so fast. There is nothing quite like the first spring greens!

    As for cameras...I like my Sony. I have the Canon Power Shot SX110 and I rarely use it. I prefer my old Sony Cyber-shot. Pristine photos...easy handling for me...I guess it's what's comfortable in your hand and easy to access and not too complicated. Guess it depends on who the photographer is))))

  2. I love those nice big cold frames! Regarding cameras, look for one that offers a very close macro setting. You should be able to get within an inch of a plant or insect or whatever and still have a nice sharp picture. We have a Fuji Finepix S6000fd, which has a super macro setting. I can touch the lens to the subject and still take the picture. Cheers!

  3. I got my first digital camera at Christmas..a canon powershot sd780 and it is more camera than I expected. It is smaller than a pack of smokes and the beauty is that I can slip it in an old cut-off sock and put it in my breast pocket and it is still smaller than a cig no camera case to carry.I can't imagine a camera so small getting any better,it even has high def video. The only thing I could ever wish for would be an external connection with a motion sensor to take pics of those critters that visit at nite...that would be really great.

  4. Thanks so much everyone for the suggestions - very helpful! I guess i need to do some shopping this weekend!


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