Monday, June 7, 2010

Anemic blogging

Phew! What a crazy few days.. As I mentioned in an earlier post, my book editor, Carleen and book photographer, Joe have been up here in NS with me for the past 4 days.. It's been a whirlwind of posing (veggies and me!), prepping and picking for the endless amount of photographs. I must say though, that from what I've seen, Joe is a miracle worker - he even managed to make a slug look cute! (Not being a slug, I have high hopes that he's managed to get a photo of me without my eyes closed or hair blowing across my face!)

It's also been a wonderful learning experience for me, as this is my first book and Storey has always been my favourite gardening publisher. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product, but it's a slow process.. Once I finish the manuscript in a few months (ack! I better get writing!), they start the magic of turning it into a handy, photo-filled reference for veggie gardeners who are hoping to get more out of their season - from a few weeks on either end of the summer or even go into year-round production like we have! Yet, it won't be until late next year that the book finally arrives at stores.

Anyway, I do apologize for the anemic blogging in the past few days, but this first photo shoot is almost over and my posting will get back to normal. I have lot's to say and so many things to share.. but to tide you over for the next day or so, I thought I'd suggest a few other great gardening blogs for you to check out.. - this is a gorgeous new blog by a fellow Nova Scotian and she was kind enough to open up her garden to Carleen, Joe and I today when we dropped in on very short notice to take photos.. What a lovely property - beautiful ornamental shrubs (the scent of the lilacs knocked me out!), perennials, perfect edges (and I mean perfect!) and perhaps the most charming veggie patch I've ever seen.. I didn't want to leave! - Craig, who is also known as The North Carolina Tomato Man is a regular guest on my radio show.. for good reason! What he doesn't know about tomatoes isn't worth knowing! He is so knowledgeable and interesting, yet has a great sense of humour! Check out his blog and start planning next year's garden!

Happy Gardening!

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