The overwintered kale is sprouting!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Just came in from a quick wandering through the garden and was amazed at the hundreds of flies buzzing everywhere.. but then I remembered that I fertilized the tomatoes, cukes, squash and pole beans yesterday with Gardener's Dream, a locally produced fish/seaweed fertilizer.. the 'aromatic' smell must have attracted every fly within a kilometer! No worries though, as I know that the plants will pay me back by growing like crazy!

In fact, I'm pretty sure the tomatoes have already grown and inch or two since yesterday.. sounds a bit nutty, but they certainly seem taller! I don't remember the tomato plants ever being so tall (3 + feet!) or so vigorous this early in the summer. Even the foliage is a deep, deep green. I'm hoping for the earliest tomato harvest ever! Last year we have super-sweet Sungold tomatoes ready in late July.. but with a little luck, we may have an earlier crop this year.. The roma, cherry roma, sungold, costoluto, Omar's Lebanese, ladybug, black cherry and more have already started to flower.. I'll keep you posted!

I still have about 10 mature heads of romaine left to pick and then the baby soybeans (from Annapolis Seeds) will take over the space. They're fighting the leafy romaines for the sun and will welcome the space.. therefore, I think there will be a big romaine salad to go with tonight's lasagna!

Happy Gardening!


  1. I have one sungold that is starting to turn color from a seed that you sent me.

  2. wow Pete! that's great.. i'm a bit jealous.. let it get nice and golden before you pick it.. they really are the sweetest tomato.. :)

  3. Yes,I recall you saying that.Sadly we are set for more massive amounts of rain.I have to wonder just how much of the nutrients in the soil get washed away each time this happens. Just last week,I sprayed decomposed seaweed solution everywhere.With so much rain,I will have to repeat it again soon.


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