Monday, June 14, 2010

Luna Moths, Garden Photos, Kohlrabi Update and more..

When I came downstairs this morning, I took the usual peek outside at our 'moth wall'.. the bricks against our house where moths seem to congregate every morning.. yesterday, there were some pink moths (please don't ask me to ID them!) and this morning, there were more small pink moths, but also 2 luna moths! Very exciting.. They're about 5-inches long and so incredibly beautiful..

I also snapped some updated garden shots this weekend.. our veggie gardens are arranged perpendicular to each other, due to the lay of the land, but luckily, both take advantage of a gentle south-facing slope! This allows cool air and frost to drain down the slope, and offers maximum light exposure. One garden has been in high production for months, while the other is only newly planted with cukes, zucchini and pole beans, so it doesn't look as full..

As you can see, I also love to interplant - it allows me to get the most out of my space - greens between the tomatoes and brassicas, broccoli raab between the celery and celeriac, etc. Annual flowers and herbs are scattered everywhere to attract pollinators and beneficial insects. Plus, they look fantastic! I stuck an aged driftwood stump that we found a few years ago on a beach in the garden. It's a great place to sit and just take in the surrounding beauty.

I still have some of my hoops in the garden. At this point in the season, I don't expect another frost, so I can remove them, but they do come in very handy from mid-fall to mid spring! I use 1/2 inch wide conduit and mount them on 1-foot long lengths of rebar. It takes me just minutes to erect a mini hoop tunnel!

The kohlrabi is growing great! The stems are starting to swell, and I'm hoping that we'll be enjoying fresh kohlrabi in about 10 days or so..

They're calling for rain today - fingers crossed - and since the garden is so dry, I'm really hoping for a solid soaking.. It's been over a week since we're had a decent rain. Otherwise, I'm going to have to get out my hose and start watering!

Ok, I'll stop now, as I could upload another 50 photos! I'll post more tomorrow.. the arugula, my interplanted tomatoes, the peas and more!

Happy Gardening!


  1. The garden looks incredible. I love the hoops and what looks to be the supports for peas or beans? You did a great job on them! Everything looks so lush. We are struggling with a variety of pests right now...((( Love the Luna moths and your pink and white one is on the web: Pink and White moth - Dryocampa rubicunda

  2. Thanks for the moth ID Brenda! It's just so pretty..

    The supports (A-frame trellis) are for the pole beans.. I just love beans, so we grow a LOT! :)

    Too bad about your pests.. I've been lucky this year - mainly just slugs and they're not nearly as bad as last season (fingers crossed!)

  3. I was looking for one about kolrabi because I got new seeds of new varieties, and came across this blog with a lovely garden. My congratulations!
    The top image - green vegetables, fresh and bright, surrounded on all sides by snow, is very impressive.
    And this Moon Moth, gently reseda, seeing for the first time. It was magical. I hope that does not harm the plants in the garden. I pin it to my board in Pinterest.
    I will share in my forum these wonderful pictures.
    And later I am reading this blog more about this garden. I think there is a lot to see and learn.
    Greetings from sunny Bulgaria and garden Viskyar!


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