Saturday, July 10, 2010

Check out my article in the new issue of Gardens East!

The July/August issue of Gardens East has just hit newsstands!! I'm a subscriber, so my issues come conveniently in the mail - plus subscribing saves me 33% on each issue.. money that can be reinvested in seeds! What can I say? I have a serious seed addiction!

I thrilled to say that I wrote the article on the featured garden in this issue and both the garden and the gardeners are incredible! In just a few short years, John and Jeff, have created an incredible garden that overlooks the deep blue waters of Trinity Bay.. Their plant choices and pairings are inspired, but it is also their stonework - all done by these two gardeners - that makes this garden stand out!

Check out the details at

Happy Gardening!


  1. I really enjoyed this issue, as I have the others, and the photos are great. What a job those guys did on their stone walls (the Rock not being without it's fair share of them..ahem..), and I love the large photos as well as the articles. This magazine can read like a book, I learned so much. Good for you Niki!

    Must comment on the cabbage...GOOD HEAVENS!!! It must be a great feeling to accomplish growing vegetables that are award winning. Nicely photographed also. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. I am subscribing to Gardens East also. I think the magazine is getting better with each issue. The Hydrangea Quickfire they talked about in the last issue was available in the Superstore.It is a great plant!!

    I am really happy that they are spreading their wings and showing us gardens in NFLD.We have beautiful gardens throughtout Atlantic Canada. Jeff and John's garden is a treasure!


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