Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cukes, Gourds and More!

Don't you just love these cute curly tendrils? It amazes me how plants can be so clever.. when I go up the garden some evenings, I will help 'weave' my cukes and gourds through the supports, but by the next morning, the tendrils have taken up the task and are tightly curled around anything they can grab!

I noticed that one of our gourds - perhaps the speckled apple gourd? - is starting to form small fruits.. I should know what it is, but the tags have disappeared! I'll have to sneak up and take some photos this morning and post them..

After 3 deer visits in 4 days - ARGH!! - I spent about 2 hours reinforcing the fencing last evening with my 8 year old.. he was super helpful and discovered a 'deer-sized' slit in the back of the mesh fence.. he then cut himself a large piece of garden twine and 'weaved' it between the two sides of the slit, sealing it..

I also remembered that last year I obtained one of those Scarecrow motion activated sprinklers from Contech.. so, we set it up (ok, my son set it up.. I'm not so technical!) and it worked like a charm! The kids tested in out by running around in front and along side of it and each time, it squirted a 20+ foot hard burst of water at them.. We nestled it beside the bean A-frame trellis, which is also only 10 feet from one of my (now eaten) pole bean teepees and this morning, the garden looks like the deer didn't manage to get back in! Success! I'll snap some photos of my little Scarecrow too.. he's already like a member of the family..

Anyway, time to grab my camera and head up for the garden..

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Morning Niki,
    The endive looks delectable, especially for someone whose 'roots' are Italian - Moi!

    Tendrils ... well, I'm mad for them! My first email address: 'tendrils' ...and my blog: Bay Area Tendrils .. I guess it's obvious. Clematis and climbing vines are faves.

    Our veggies are grown at T's allotment in town, while my garden is ornamental. Will I see you on Blotanical? Found your blog there
    ;~D Alice
    aka Alice's Garden Travel Buzz


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