Saturday, July 17, 2010

Deer Devastation!

Every morning I wake up and look out the upstairs window at the garden to make sure the deer haven't invaded over the night.. this morning when I looked out - I could see that they had infiltrated one of the gardens - the pole bean teepee was bare - bare! And the pole beans on the A-frame trellis were half eaten - which meant that the deer had to walk over my new planting of baby green and purple bok choi! Argh!!!

So frustrating! Plus, in just a few weeks, Joe (, the photographer from my upcoming book will be coming back to NS for another photo shoot.. I hope the beans recover in time.. deer tend to eat the foliage, but leave the new buds to continue developing. A bit of hope for the beans.

Sadly, this is an annual event - the deer usually manage to find a way to jump the fence at least once per season.. I rely solely on the fence to keep them out and don't bother with other tactics - scare, scent or noise - that can also work.. but I think it's time to combine my resources and come up with a new battle plan!

Venison steaks anyone?

Happy Gardening!


  1. So so sorry to read this Niki...been there. But, yes, take heart, as you know, the beans can make a good recovery in Time for Joe to take photos. Those deer, they absolutely love bean leaves.

  2. That's so unfortunate. Animals can sure cause havoc in a bakyard garden.

  3. Oh Niki, I am so sorry. I know exactly how you feel. I have been in tears over deer in the garden.I heard the other day that they are planning to cull Canada geese. When are they going to do something about the deer population.
    Went on the garden tour but our paths didn't cross.The gardens and the views were breath taking. I wouldn't get any gardening done if I had that view in my back yard.
    D and D

  4. Hi Niki...I heard this mentioned on the cbc gardening phone-in with Marjorie Willison and it was suggested that fishing line strung betweens trees and other anchoring points will spook deer when they run into it,and it is also a cheap solution as well.I have heard this used in other situations as well.Sorry for your loss.If you were closer,you would be welcome in my garden for sure,for any pics.


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