Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My new best friend..

I know it seems sudden, but I think I've fallen in love.. with a Scarecrow! After setting it up yesterday and having a deer-free night, I am actually hopeful that I might be able to keep the deer out of the garden this summer!

I know that we'll have to give it some more time to tell for sure, but so far, I'm quite impressed.. I will continue to turn it on every night and let you know how it goes..

The only problem is that I have 2 gardens (due to the awkward lay of my land).. so, maybe I need to pick up another??

Wish me luck!

Happy Gardening!


  1. This works great for friends of mine...unless..they are not home and forget to put it on, or like more recently, he was working in the back while the deer were working the front))))...

  2. Does the Scarecrow make a noise or spray water or both Niki? Keep us posted as to how well it works.Folks are desperate for a solution to the deer problem.

    Got a great pot at Halifax Seed today. Thanks for the 'heads up' about their sale.

  3. These really work, huh? I need one for rabbits and grasshopper (wouldn't that be a dream). And for grackles. And aphids. And....

  4. Hi Benjamin.. it works so far.. a battery hog though! Plus, you need to remember to turn it on and off every day.. not sure it's the permanant solution.. took some photos of grasshoppers in the garden yesterday too.. so destructive!


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