Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tomorrow on The Weekend Gardener

I'm so slack! I should have posted this a few days ago, but it's summer and I am spending less and less time indoors! Nevertheless, I hope you'll join me tomorrow on The Weekend Gardener - 11 am to 1 pm on News 95.7 FM, News 91.9 FM and News 88.9 FM or online at

Susan Mosher, the owner of Oceanview Garden Centre and Landscaping ( in Chester will join me live in studio to talk about some of the new plants for 2011 - she just had a preview! As well, she'll share some of her favourite garden plants and fill me in on whether the new lilac 'Bloomerang' is living up to the hype!

Also, Craig LeHoullier ( will chat about keeping your tomatoes healthy and disease free! Plus, what do you do with all of those tomatoes?!?! Craig has some great ideas - as always - and I'm really looking forward to talking with him again.

Finally, Peter Schneider, the author of 'Right Rose, Right Place' will be my guest! Peter is also the author of the combined rose list, the annual list of the roses in commerce and the author of 'Peter Schneider on Roses' and the editor of 'Taylor's Guide to Roses'. Phew! He's a busy guy and he'll join me to talk all about his gardens (and his THOUSANDS of roses) and what roses will do best in our Maritime climate. Spoiler - Peter gardens in zone 5, so we should be able to grow most of what he can grow!

Plus, I'll have a copy of Peter's new hardcover book - Right Rose, Right Place - to give away! (If my producer can pry it from my hands!) It is gorgeous! For your chance to win - be one of our callers 1-877-801-8255.

I hope you'll join me.. Happy Gardening!


  1. Well I think Oceanview is the best nursery on the South Shore for it's variety of can't be beat. Very pleased Susan is on your show tomorrow and also Craig the tomato man...loved his recent video online at his blog. How does he manage with all those tomatoes and yes...fav recipes would be helpful)).

  2. Hi Niki,
    You had a discussion with Peter Schneider back in July about the best roses - and there was one you were both in agreement about that was best - I cannot for the life of me remember the name. I wonder if you know which one I am talking about, and where I might get one? Thanks so much! Amanda

  3. Great question Amanda! And I had made a note of that for myself too! Let me check my show notes and get back to you.. :)

  4. Hi Amanada.. I e-mailed Peter Schneider and here is his response. Hope that helps!

    Hi Niki

    Thanks for your message. That listener does have a good memory!

    Here's a list of ten of my favorite roses, all of which are described fully
    in Right Rose, Right Place:

    Baby Love, yellow miniature
    Baronne Prevost, pink hybrid perpetual (old garden rose)
    Distant Drums, mauve/tan shrub
    Elina, yellow hybrid tea
    James Mason, red modern gallica
    Jeannie Lajoie, pink climbing miniature
    Marijke Koopman, pink hybrid tea
    Stadt den Helder, red floribunda
    Stanwell Perpetual, white hybrid spinosissima (old garden rose)
    William Baffin, pink kordesii (climber)


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