Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Back!!!!!

Hello everyone - thanks so much for all the kind comments while I've been 'offline'. We just got back from PEI, and enjoyed good food, good family and good times (the weather was iffy!). What was the first thing I did after getting out of the car? Unload the luggage? Toss out the Tim Horton tea cups that were littering the car? Feed the children? Nope! I ran up to the garden to see if the deer had penetrated my fence while I was away.. they did. But I'm not too worried.. they didn't get too many beans (just had a HUGE feed tonight) and the summer photo shoot is over with almost 2 months until the autumn one..

Anyway, on a more garden-related note, I've been getting some gorgeous photos from some of the blog readers and wanted to share them with you! I'll get my butt up to the garden in the morning and snap some updated photos from my garden, but until then, I hope you enjoy these!

I've been following the progress of Peter from NB's giant cabbages for months now, and these are the most recent photos. As you can see, this cabbage is getting huge! I can't wait to see what they'll look like in another month! The bottle used for scale is a local ginger beer.. sounds good to me! Peter also grows giant pumpkins and when he e-mailed me a few days ago, the pumpkins were weighing about 80 pounds at 16 days after pollination. They're putting on 4 inches around a day, which translates into 15 pounds!! Every day!

Stephen and Shelia also e-mailed me some photos of their gorgeous veggie patch! His deer fence is apparently working better than mine.. They also grow rainbow chard, basil and garlic - check out this photo.. it looks good enough to eat..

Quick Tip - If you haven't put your fall carrots in yet, do so ASAP! There is still time for quick growing types like Napoli, especially if you're going to seed in a cold frame.. Also, you can still order seed for late Aug/Sept seedings of mache, claytonia, swiss chard, arugula, winter lettuces, spinach and more!

Happy Gardening!


  1. I love what Steven and Sheila have done with their against deer, prolific and beautiful besides. The photo of the garlic in the basket deserves to be in a magazine!! Truly lovely.

    Thanks for the tips about fall gardening...pushing myself))))...but I know it will reward me when I want the greens and veg later. It's a learning curve to us, so all advice appreciated.

    Building our first cold frame soon using "Storey Books" advice!

    Regarding the cabbage..I am very impressed by the size but why doesn't it have holes chewed out of it? BIG SMILE!! It's as close to perfect as a cabbage can be. Good job Pete.

  2. You really have to see a big cabbage like this in person to get a scope on the size of it.Pictures don't really show as well.I use old sheer curtains to keep the cabbage butterflies away and sevin as a pesticide.

  3. Any chance you can provide information about Steven and Sheila's deer fence? I tried to enlarge the photo so I could see it's contruction, but wasn't able to do so. Materials, height, cost - would all be extremely helpful as our local herd now numbers over ten with (at least) two sweet, hungry and already fearless fawns!!!


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