Monday, August 30, 2010

Pete's Pumpkins!

Talk about giant pumpkins! Pete from New Brunswick just sent me this photos of his 'babies'.. they one in the background is now 700 pounds - Pete hopes it reaches 900 by Labour Day! The one in the foreground is weighing in at 400! It is amazing how fast these gourds can grow..

Pete - how often are you watering and what do you feed them!? Or.. is that a trade secret!? :)

Happy Gardening!


  1. I drive by these pumpkins several times a day. His garden is amazing! I try not to go off the road looking at it while driving lol. It was huge in early June and truly was an inspiration for me and my tiny garden. He does have some sort of watering device near it, I can only imagine what it takes to get them this size.

  2. Yes the traffic is getting sorta crazy at times and with a lot of big trucks on the roads lately,I can only hope people will use common sense.Its better when people just pull in the driveway.
    Secrets? Well good soil to start with,drainage,use the garden as a compost for all the wet food stuff(although I stay away from grass clipppings now)and lots of water...Oh yes,and good seeds to start with is paramount!
    I have free sungolds if you want to knock on my door...they are just wasting away....

  3. Pumpkin leaves hate a bad feeling about the storm headed this way!

  4. Hi Pete, Yep, I'm one of those people driving by your pumpkins at least twice a day and will have to take you up on the offer of just pulling in ( with my camera of course!!)
    I've heard that sometimes these large pumpkins can explode >> is that true or just " another pumpkin story"
    Marie in Lower Coverdale

  5. Hi Marie. Pumpkins grow so fast that they get cracks and splits and can spell disaster if not handled correctly.They don't really explode.You are welcome to take a picture but please for safetys sake pulll in the driveway.You wouldn't believe how crazy it has been with the people and the traffic.Some people that just left here were really rude and were even in the neighbors garden tasting their beans.If you want to take a picture next to the pumpkin,I will have to escort you,otherwise please stay beyond the confines of the rope and things will be great.


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