Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sneaking Next Door..

My next door neighbour has a garden almost as big as mine! She's filled it with veggies that her kids love - peas, carrots and peppers mainly.. along with her treasured tomatoes.. we also share seeds every spring, saving on the cost of our sizable orders! She has about six types of peppers planted this summer, including Gyspy, a pale green sweet pepper and these blocky green peppers! She surrounded the plants with glass panes, which helps lock in heat, particularly in late spring. I have posted some early shots of her garden in an older post.. scroll WAY back for the photos..

She also has planted huge clumps of marigolds throughout her garden.. I never liked marigolds as a child - smelly and too bright (I was an early plant snob!), but now I love them in all their shapes, forms and colours.. Plus, they look so pretty nestled between beds of carrots or tomatoes.

When I snuck over yesterday morning to snap some photos, she brought out a bucket of plums she picked from her Dad's garden - aren't they spectacular! and organic.. who says you can't grow tree fruit organically! I'm hoping to put in a small orchard over the next year.. plums, cherries, apples and pears to start..

Happy Gardening!

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  1. The above plums look like the fruits on our gnarled tree, I wonder if there is a variety name?

    The photos are beautiful and I am so impressed by those peppers! wow.


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