Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A few photos..

Well, between working on the book (7 weeks to go before deadline!) and cleaning up the garden, I haven't posted much in a few days.. here are some shots from yesterday though.. Typically, our season isn't long or hot enough to mature birdhouse gourds.. but as you can see, thanks to the record-breaking summer that we've had, these cute little gourds are growing well and are about 5-inches long.. hopefully they'll continue to grow before I need to harvest them in about a month..

I'm also happy to report that NONE of the long skinny snake gourds snapped in the collapse of the trellis during Hurricane Earl.. we managed to extract all the wood and 'loosen' the massive pile of gourd and cucumber leaves so that they would get some sunshine.. Nature is amazing.. by the morning after the hurricane, all the leaves were pointing up towards the sun again.. no matter what they had just gone though..

As I've said before we are getting 1 to 2 gallons of tomatoes every day! It's a bit insane, but we're freezing, cooking, eating and sharing as many as we can.. we make homemade pizza every week and this is last night's offering - just a bounty of various heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, garden peppers, garden artichokes and more.. soooooo good!

And, just in case you don't believe me about the tomatoes - here is a photo of some of the bounty that I harvested yesterday and the day before..

Here's a shot of one of the circular beds that sits in the middle of the garden.. it's where I usually have a pole bean teepee.. I just cleaned it up on Sunday and stuck in some 'Outredgeous' red lettuce seedlings that I had growing under the lights.. they've perked up considerably since this photo and will hopefully offer a nice harvest this fall..

Anyway, must get back to work! Happy Gardening!


  1. The photos are great!! Would appreciate if you have any Cherokee Chocolate..would like to taste one (and any I have you want to taste please come by and we can do a "taste off!!"). Tomato man has such high regard for the CC's.

    Our Purple Calabash and German Gold (smells like peaches and tastes almost as good) have been a highlight.(You were right..there were far more GGt's than I initially thought). They go mealy fast though so you have to eat them the day they turn golden and firm)))

    Your pizza looks fantastic! We're loving fresh salsa most nights.

    After Earl is not so bad))

  2. Good show today, Niki. Learned lots and ready to plant garlic with a little coaching from you.


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