Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fruit Flies and Giant Boulders

Is anyone as tired of fruit flies as I am? I've been so careful this year trying to prevent them from taking over.. last September, they were out-of-control and it wasn't until I finally discovered a rotten potato that had fallen beneath the cupboard, that I realized why they kept multiplying! I became the 'mad vacuumer' last year, using the vacuum to suck up any fruit flies in the kitchen.. I'd just stand there with the vacuum for long minutes waiting for them to land, and then I'd pounce and suck them to the great fruit bowl in the sky! They're not nearly as bad this year, but they're annoying enough that I'm starting to re-think the countertop fruit bowl.. it's also hard to keep any tomatoes around, especially when the overripe cherry ones split so quickly. I even found a fruit fly on a split Sungold in the garden!?! (The black speck at the top of the photo) Who knew that fruit flies were also out in the garden?

I've tried the vinegar on the counter, Contech's fruit fly traps (surprisingly effective) and a few other 'homemade' solutions, but I must admit that I get a lot of satisfaction from vacuuming up those little buggers..

Anyway, on another note, Dany was finally able to tackle the spot for the latest cold frame (happy anniversary to me!) Of course, as soon as he broke ground, the loud 'clink' of shovel hitting massive rock rang through the air.. After digging around and trying to uncover an edge, we realized that this particular rock was way too big to move, so we moved our 'ideal' spot just a few feet.. 'Chink'.. another huge rock.. By this time, Dany was determined, so out came the pick axe and he rigged up some homemade levers using lumber, rope and his aching back. With the help of our neighbours, and a lot of give and take, the rock eventually came out and will now be a comfy 'bench' behind the cold frame. So, back to work digging so we can get the 'less than ideal' soil removed, place the cold frame and then refill with good garden soil. 'Chink'.. a third huge rock.. Considering we were digging an area about 4 x 6-feet, that's a lot of big rocks! Out came the crowbars, rope and lumber once again and within 30 minutes, we had a stone 'seat' to sit beside our new stone 'bench'..

The good news is that the cold frame pit is now dug, excavated and ready to be refilled.. maybe tomorrow? I'll also take some photos tomorrow and post them.. too dark tonight, but here's a shot of the last cold frame that was added a few months ago.. Funny how nothing is nearly as easy as you think it will be..

Happy Gardening!


  1. Niki, if anyone asks what Dany got you for your anniversary you can tell them a Big Rock! As a matter of fact Three Big Rocks!
    Must come and have another look at your cold frame construction. It is in our plans for this month. Now if I could find a carpenter.
    Good show today.

  2. When that happens here Niki, we use the same Egyptian tactics your Danny put into every time! But heh, you got a nice bench and seat out of it,...would like to see a photo of that please)).


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