Wednesday, September 1, 2010


It is hot. hot hot hot. I rarely water the garden (except for the new plantings), but yesterday I actually put the sprinkler in the middle of the top garden and turned it on for a 1/2 hour.. everything was wilting - including me! I may have 'accidently' run through the water once or twice myself..

Of course, since I completely lack common sense, I choose superhot yesterday to turn the oven on for a few hours and 'oven-dry' some tomatoes.. I picked a random selection - black cherry, sungold, la roma, red and yellow pear - and turned the oven to 250 F, drying them for about 2 hours (la roma) and 3 1/2 hours for the rest. Yummy and so easy..

I've also been picking handfuls of lemon cukes every day, along with the tomatoes.. I have been freezing some of the tomatoes for winter sauces by freezing them on a cookie sheet and then tossing the frozen fruits into freezer bags - thanks Donna! I want to dry some basil and parsley soon too.. Plus, I still need to make and freeze more pesto.. the basil is simply in its glory this summer with the heat!

With Hurricane Earl eyeing us this weekend, I'm a bit worried about the garden.. the A-frame trellises with the beans, cukes and gourds will be a prime target for strong winds.. not much to do though, but batten down the hatches and make sure the legs of the trellises are pushed down securely into the soil. Then, cross your fingers and hope for the best!

I've been waiting for days for the heat to end.. I have trays of seedlings just waiting to go into the ground, but it's just been too hot! Another day or so and the temperatures should be back down to normal..

Anyway, off to the beach.. too hot to post much today..

Happy Gardening!


  1. Thanks for the mention on yesterdays' radio slot on news 91.9. I wonder if there would be any interest on the Sunday show to have someone from the Dills in Nova Scotia to talk about their giant pumpkin empire....It might be interesting.

  2. Hey Pete - glad you were listening.. Dan A loved your pumpkins.. Thanks for the idea.. that would make a nice segment in late Sept.. assuming it ever cools down! :)

  3. Niki, they are coming to get the two of us! I made dill pickles and grape jelly yesterday.I think Brenda had better be picked up by the men in white coats also after reading her blog.As my mother was fond of saying 'Common sense isn't all that common'.Too hot!!

  4. Honest..what were we thinking..Donna making dill pickles and jelly, me making SR's chili jam!!

    We didn't ever think it was going to get that hot..92 in the shade today..Nova Scotia does not get 92 in the
    shade...Florida...hello..your weather is up here and so is your beautiful marine blue water.

    My name is Earl is on his way here...The Captain is very busy...all about boats!!'s always about the boats...)))but understandably when a hurricane is forecast.

    As for pumpkins...can't wait to go on the pilgrimage to Windsor, Nova Scotia at pumpkin harvest time! It's a family tradition..but we will miss Howie... He's settled not far from his home...a visit to his monument, might be in order.


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