Monday, September 13, 2010


Ok.. I finally got up to the garden and snapped a few photos.. Here is a shot of the new cold frame.. need to finish excavating and fill with my good mix of garden soil and compost.. Then, this frame will be home to some winter lettuces, claytonia and tatsoi. As you can see in the background, the other 2 frames have winter crops already - carrots, spinach, mache, endive, chicory, leeks, green onions and a few herbs (curly parsley and thyme).

The carrot frame is well-filled with Napoli carrots.. I planted them the first week of August and the roots are already starting to fill out.. They're all thinned and will be a welcome treat from December to Feb - assuming they last that long! The wire screen is to protect the crop from the #&$@ deer.. so far, so good (knock on wood!).

I also discovered an almost-ripe Big Rainbow heirloom tomato.. last year, the hubby described them as tasting like you just sprinkled sugar over them.. very sweet and delicious.. (I've got one for you Brenda! Plenty are on the vines and they're just starting to colour!) Speaking of colour.. they really are like a rainbow - yellow, gold, orange and streaks of red.. so pretty!

I am also in LOVE with the kales.. we're not really eating them yet.. we're waiting for the first few frosts (not too soon though!).. the frost will help sweeten the leaves and then we'll use them all winter long. I'll tuck a few in the cold frame in another week or two, but some of the garden kale beds will be covered with a mini tunnel.. that will offer enough protection for a winter-long harvest. Just look at some of these leaves! Gorgeous!

I also love the Lacinato kale (AKA Dinosaur kale, tuscan kale, etc).. the long, strap-like blue-green leaves are heavily blistered and so tender. Plus, the colour looks fantastic next to the orange nasturtiums and lime green lettuces and swiss chards..

Anyway, off to tuck in some more lettuce..

Happy Gardening!

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  1. The cold frames look fantastic...send Danny over here will ya!

    Really looking forward to a rainbow)), thank you. Loved the black cherry and sungold..thanks again. Great photos Niki.


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