Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Sunday on The Weekend Gardener and 150 Posts!

Wow.. 150 posts! Can you believe it? Maybe I do talk too much..? hmm.....

Anyway, this Sunday we're going to have a spectacular show on The Weekend Gardener! You can listen live at News 95.7 FM, News 91.9 FM or News 88.9 FM.. plus online at!

Joining me is one of my favourite Canadian garden writers - Judith Adam! Judith is also the author of Landscape Planning: Practical Techniques for the Home Gardener and has just started a blog for the new magazine, Garden Making ( I'm loving her blog - she's just so funny and personable and knowledgeable!

Also, the king of all things weather and science related, Richard Zurawski will be in studio to talk about the incredible summer that we've just had as well tell us what to expect this fall (and next summer!).. I'll also ask him about our acidic soils and how the nearby ocean keeps our climate regulated! Call us with your questions - 1-877-801-8255

Tim Amos, one of the professors of Horticulture at the Kingstec Campus of the NSCC in Kentville will also be on the show to tell us all about the living wall at the Dartmouth Campus as well as what his students will be doing this year (hint - it involves straw bales).. His enthusiasm is contagious and I can't wait to hear all about it..

Hope you'll tune in..


  1. Where can I find the recipe for the roasted tomato/onion/ garlic sauce I am hearing so much about!
    Also I was unable to catch the show on Sunday ( Deep Roots festival!) Is it archived anywhere that I can listen to it again?

  2. Hi - I'll post the recipe later today on the blog.. it turned out fabulous.. I froze my 2 batches, but I was very tempted to toss together a gourmet lasagna!

    Sorry.. the shows are not archived (but they should be!) E-mail the station (via the website - and suggest a podcast for the future.. Many listeners have been doing this and perhaps if more keep e-mailing, it may happen!? :)

    Thanks again!


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