Friday, October 22, 2010

Lazy blogger..

I've been a bad blogger.. I don't mean to be slack, but I'm finishing up my latest project - 'the book' according to the kids.. I know that everyone is getting tired hearing about 'the book', but I'm happy to say that in just under 2 weeks, the manuscript will be off to Storey Publishing ( and life will return to normal.. I hope! Mind you, I have two big lectures coming up in early November and several major magazine deadlines..

The funny thing is that just one year ago, I thought that my career as a garden columnist was over. One of the large local newspapers had folded - I wrote a weekly column for them for over 12 years - and another newspaper that carried my column was on the verge of closing. Luckily it didn't and just a few days later, I got 'the book' deal.. then, I was lucky enough to fall into Gardens East magazine, as well as Canadian Gardening and Garden Making.. it's lovely to be able to write about something that you love - and be able to pay for groceries!

Anyway, on to more interesting things - the garden! We've been enjoying a rainbow of carrots lately.. 'Atomic Red', 'Yellowstone', 'Napoli', 'Purple Haze' and more! They're so pretty and the kids love them.. This is 'Atomic Red', which is is a long, tapered carrot with reddish-pink roots that turn bright red when cooked. It also has the antioxidant lycopene, which is commonly found in tomatoes.

The lettuce under the cloches in the photo at the top are 'Tom Thumb', which is a tiny butterhead type. It's so pretty under the cloches (which I bought at Halifax Seed this past summer on clearance - 3 for $1!!) and it also makes a great individual-sized salad.. I started them from seed in early September and transplanted them to the garden about 3 weeks later.. With the protection of a low tunnel, they will be in harvestable condition until late December - or until we eat them all!

The mini hoop tunnels are all up now, although they're not covered with plastic yet. It's been too warm during the days, so I continue to rely on a medium-weight row cover for night protection. We've had several frosts, but the crops are nice and cozy tucked beneath their white blankets. As you can see, this is a wide row of mixed Asian greens - mustards, arugula and mizuna - and some white alyssum. The fact that the alyssum is still thriving while the nasturtiums have already succumbed to the cold surprises me..

Coming up this weekend.. I'll be posting about my five favourite things to do with fall leaves (hint - #1 involves jumping!)

Happy Gardening!


  1. Well you might be a bad blogger as you say))) (although quite understandable considering the circumstances) but I am a bad gardener.. "late late late" the rabbit said...well so say I regarding planting in autumn. Your carrots, and most especially your greens, look wonderful! So impressed! and what a deal on the cloches.

    Happy Gardening to you also.

  2. We grow Yellowstone and have grown the other coloured carrots in the past but they haven't performed as well. We also grow red, yellow, white and stripy beetroot and all sorts of colours of cauliflower!


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