Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tomorrow on The Weekend Gardener

I've been a slack blogger this week, consumed by deadlines.. sorry about that! I did get out and take some photos of the garden yesterday and will post them tomorrow after Thanksgiving dinner #2!

Had a great time today in the Annapolis Valley getting lost in a corn maze (completely, utterly lost!), filling up our trunk with bags of local fruit and veggies (including and an orange Cheddar cauliflower.. soooo good and has 25 times more vitamin A than white cauliflower), picking apples, and stuffing our faces with fresh baked brown bread drizzled with local honey on the drive home.. a perfect day.

Tomorrow is the last radio show of the season - 6 months has just flown by! I can't believe how fast time can pass.. one minute it was mid spring and now we're well into autumn.. mind you, the trees still seem pretty green! Hopefully the fall colour show will start soon.. anyway, back to the topic of the last radio show.. we've got a good one tomorrow - going out with a bang! We'll be focusing on some of our amazing local experts - Duncan Kelbaugh of Brunswick Nurseries and my dear friend Carla Isnor of Halifax Seed!

Duncan and I will talk all about pruning - when, why, how and he will also offer ideas for winter interest in the garden. It's not too late to plant and if your garden looks a bit empty in the winter, you'll get some good ideas tomorrow..

Also, Carla and I will tackle enriching the garden soil and sort through the confusing mass of organic soil amendments and fertilizers.. plus, we'll talk about garden trends for 2011 and ornamental grasses if time allows.

Plus, it's organic week - - and there are plenty of Maritime events happening over the next 7 days.. take part and support our local organic products - honey, cheese, veggies, fruits, beers, wines and more! Throw an organic wine and cheese party with some of our delicious local products.. break ground on a new organic veggie patch.. we'll offer some ideas on how you can celebrate organic week!

We'll also announce the winner of our Boost My Backyard Contest, who will receive a $1500 gift certificate to Stone Gallery!!

Hope you'll join me and call in with your questions - 1-877-801-8255.

Happy Gardening!


  1. Thank you for all of the pictures you have posted of my garden throughout the year! I will miss the routine of working in my garden and listen to your show on my portable radio. So sad to see winter coming but next year brings new challanges. Pete

  2. Oh,by the way,a new world record pumpkin was just set and can you believe it! 1810 pounds in Winsconsin. Isn't that just nuts!

  3. Wow Niki..bravo...six just flew by. Hope your contract is renewed))))


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