Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The White Stuff!!

I know that the shopping malls and big box stores want me to feel like the holidays are just around the corner and not still more than a month away, but thanks to last night's snowfall, I'm actually starting to feel the first twinges of Christmas Spirit!

I can't say I'm thrilled that our long spell of mild weather is officially over, but with the cool and cold tolerant veggies tucked under their protective covers, all I can say is: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Mind you, as you can tell from this mini hoop tunnel, it's only partially secured and still needs to be fastened down a bit more tightly for the winter. It's supposed to be more mild tomorrow, so I may try to get out and do this then..

It's amazing to lift the lid of a winter cold frame and peer into the greenery hiding just inside. In this frame, we have endive, escarole, mache, arugula and spinach. My winter 'salad garden'! The one that is closed is the carrot frame - well-filled with hundreds of 'ready-to-pull' Napoli carrots.. I save them for the kid's lunchboxes - they like to pull one each morning before school..

As space opens up, I'll actually continue to seed more mache all winter long for a non-stop harvest.. deck the halls!

Happy Gardening!


  1. Oh I really am suffering serious green envy! If you can't keep up with that bounty.....ahem...)))).

    So you are seeding the mache directly in the cold frame? Inspiring Niki, as always.

  2. You are too kind Brenda! I almost feel guilty harvesting, as it looks so nice in the frames - almost! :)

  3. Just getting caught up on your blog Niki. The crops in your cold frame are amazing!! Very inspiring. A coldframe is at the top of the list for next year.


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