Friday, December 17, 2010


After the stormy and windy weather this week, I need to do a bit of repair to the winter hoop tunnels, as the sides had loosened up a bit in the strong gusts. Plus, because the weather was so warm (14 C in our backyard on Tuesday!) I had to pop open the ends of the tunnels to allow for ventilation - in mid-December! Crazy.. anyway, I just tossed the plastic back overtop of the tunnels and used our homemade snap clamps (see earlier post) to secure the cover and added some rocks and logs to weigh the sides down.

Well, I just took these photos - 3 cm of show has fallen and it's finally beginning to look like winter.. I only left the top of the frame open for a few moments so that I could take the photo - note the snowflakes falling as I snapped away!

Assuming the long range forecast predicts more of the same weather, I hope to 'tighten' up the hoop tunnels this weekend so that they are finally ready for the cold. To winterize them, we twist both ends like a piece of hard candy and pull them tight, tying each end to a piece of rebar stuck in the ground.

As you can see, this tunnel is still covered pretty loosely, but it's still extremely effective - underneath, 1-foot wide rows of spinach, arugula and mixed mustard greens are going strong! It's amazing how hardy some of these veggies are!

On another note, I'd love to hear some of your suggestions for what to grow for 2011. This whole year has been about writing and photographing 'the book' and all garden planning has revolved around that.. now that we only have one photo shoot left - a winter shoot - 2011 will allow us to get back to growing whatever we want, whenever we want! The kids say 2000 sq feet of corn.. well, I'm open to a corn patch - it's been 2 years since the raccoons made crop circles in our last corn crop - but I'd like to try some new veggies/varieties.. so, what do you like to grow?

Happy Gardening!


  1. Oh, so kind of you to ask. I have Johnny's seed catalog at the ready but haven't had a peek yet. I do know, that I will be growing as many salad greens as possible, following your advice. I wouldn't grow corn as I don't have the room here but we grew it as a cash crop in B.C. years ago and miss having it very much... but I buy Annapolis Valley N.S. corn when it is ready. SOME folks in the Valley, have it sooo good))))(yes that is jealousy speaking))))...that rich farmland oozing with vegetables from spring to fall and for sale everywhere. But growing your own in your own garden here on the South Shore, moments from the soil to the plate..well here's something wonderful to say about that. "Grrrreat!"

  2. I do love the Johnny's catalogue Bren.. but I'm also going to be getting a lot of seed from Owen at this year too! I know that you've ordered from him in the past and I love the selection!

    I didn't know you grew corn as a cash crop.. you'll have to offer me some tips! :)

  3. I always grow several kinds of onions. They do well in my garden, and can be harvested at different sizes, so you can enjoy them all season. Like you, I'm a lettuce and greens grower. They can be eaten any time, from the first thinnings to full size, too.

    I like to grow potatoes, but some years they don't do as well as others.

    Oh, if you have space, plant some asparagus. My garden isn't very big, but I decided to plant some last year. It won't be ready to eat this summer. It didn't get very big last year.

    What is your book about?


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