Sunday, December 26, 2010

Surprise, surprise, another monster storm is heading towards us.. is this three or four Monday Nor'easters in a row? I'm beginning to lose count! Yet, I think we're ready for it! Christmas Eve, the hubby and I spent a very productive hour and a half in the garden tightening up the structures and strengthening the mini hoop tunnels. At this point, the weather is forecasting up to 20 cm of snow and then the temps will rise and we'll get 40 or more millimeters of rain.. but you never know! This could turn into a huge snow storm.. If so, the kids would be thrilled! New sleds for Christmas, but no snow..

On a completely unrelated note, I loved the book, Wicked Plants by Amy Stewart - she joined me on the radio show in the summer of 2009 to chat about this unique tome.. Over the past 18 months, Wicked Plants has become so popular that there have been displays set up at botanical gardens and now Botanical Interests, a seed company has created a 'Wicked Plants Collection'. It includes foxglove, poppies, nicotiana and more! Plus, Amy has just finished her next book, which will arrive in bookstores in May of 2011 - Wicked Bugs! For more info, check out this link.. I can't wait!

Happy Boxing Day!

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  1. Wicked Plants...wicked bugs...such a temptation reading anything wicked!)))). I expect the bottom line really is, know your plants and know those that harm. If you have children or pets, one must be responsible. I had a friend that would never bring her pet to our home because we grew Castor Bean (ricinus 'Carmencita').

    I have another friend who up until this summer, used Donkey Spurge (Euphorbia Myrsinites) in her flower arrangements, even though she knew the sap could be harmful. She didn't expect one day, the sap would spray up when she cut it, and hit her eyes. Rushed to the hospital.

    Best know the good and the bad.


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