Monday, February 7, 2011

Catalogue has arrived!

Seed season is in full swing and I just received this from Owen Bridge, the 19 year old seedsman behind Annapolis Seeds.. check it out at their website - - or on facebook if you're on there..

I'm partial to the Cole tomato, Lazy Housewife bean (see my bean post from yesterday) and way too many others to mention in this quick post! Owen has been a guest on my radio show several times and he'll join me again this spring when we start up in May (once the date is nailed down, I'll post it)..

Bren (of one of my favourite blogs - what are you getting from Annapolis Seed this year? :)

Happy Gardening!


  1. Oh my, what a beautiful catalogue....I love the and white, cultivate diversity.

    What has arrived from Owen and most appreciated was a hand written note regarding the leeks.."pretty easy from seed..start really early ..late Feb. for me". I was touched that he took the time.

    Veg seeds received are: Lazy Housewife, Gold Marie and Purple Peacock pole bean.. Strella Green lettuce, Italian Red Parella, Black Seeded Simpson, Blushed Butteroak lettuce and the Giant Musselburg Leek.

    Thanks for asking Niki))) Am intrigued by the Lazy Housewife beans.

  2. I really enjoy your blog and I am looking forward to your book. How many cold frames do you have? Are they all filled now? Will you be speaking to the public about veggie gardening in the metro area?

  3. Thanks Bren.. these sound like great choices! I'll have to look them up as I place my order! :)

    Thanks for your kinds words anonymous.. We have 3 big cold frames and at this point, 3 mini hoop tunnels. They were filled to the brim, but are slowly emptying.. but as space becomes available, I'm seeding mache, spinach and other hardy greens.

    At this point, I will be giving lectures on veggie gardening this spring to the kingswood garden club, bible hill garden club, as well as the large annual meeting of the Nova Scotia Association of Garden Clubs in June. There may be some public lectures as well, but at this point, none are nailed down. I will post the info about any that become scheduled..



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