Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Radio Spot this Morning!

Catch me this morning on Maritime Morning at 10:30 am Atlantic time on News 95.7 FM when host, Jordi Morgan and I chat about growing herbs indoors and starting seeds! (I also hope to mention some of our great Maritime seed companies!)

Listen live on the radio or online at You can also call in with your questions..


  1. Hi Niki,
    Thank you for answering my question concerning my cat feces issue in the green house. I was so surprised and nervous to have actually gotten on the would have talked to you longer and asked so many more questions if I knew I was "allowed" to take up more time. Our green house is 100 ft x 25 ft long. Because the previous owner only used it to start and then sell his potted annuals and perennials, there is a tarp on the ground, and below that gravel to make the ground level. So we've been piling loads and loads of soil and manure in there to create our own soil. So now we've got a dilemma with the cat poop...1.Whether to take the hours and hours to take out the soil and put new soil in( this time making sure the cats don't get in!) 2.Take out the tarp,and see if we can dig out the gravel and maybe have soil underneath. 3. Move the greenhouse back on our lawn, kill the grass and have proper soil to plant in. I guess I'm asking if you have any suggestions or if you know anyone that has any experience with dismantling and moving greenhouses. I really enjoy your blog and can't wait to read your book. I always get Eliot Coleman's books out of the library every spring and it will be so nice to have your perspective especially growing in the Maritimes. Take Care ~Laura

  2. Hi Laura.. For some reason, this comment just got through my e-mail! I didn't know you had commented until then. Sorry about the delay.. I'm so glad you called in your question to the show! Please call in anytime - we'll be starting up in May.

    That cat dilemma is a tricky one. If the cats have only used part of the greenhouse, you can discard the soil in that area.. if it's all over, you may have to put in new soil. But, you can also solarize the soil.. most of the problems with cat poop will break down eventually - about a year or so, but you can hasten that by covering the entire area with black plastic and 'cooking' the soil and anything nasty that's living in it. I would recommend calling our health dept to ask about recommendations on your situation.

    Good luck and please keep asking questions!!


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