Friday, March 11, 2011

Upcoming Garden Workshop in NS!! (I just heard about it and it sounds like fun!)

Gardening from Scratch
We have a new course of garden workshops taking place this spring in Bear River.
  • Learn how to grow vegetables from seed the organic way.
  • Learn what soil is, how to nurture your garden and the ideas behind companion planting.
  • Learn the full life cycle of plants and what to do with all that produce.
  • Sow heritage vegetable seeds then take them home and grow them on to mature plants.

Get together with like-minded beginners this spring and get your veggie ventures off the ground.
To get the most from this course early registration is recommended. CHoose from either Thursdays (a.m.) or Saturdays (p.m), at the Oakdene Community Centre. Hope to see you there.
Please take a look at the attached poster for more information or call me on 467-0481 for further details. A course outline is available on request.

Roll on spring !!
All the best,


  1. So pleased to have found your is providing me with a wealth of knowledge.keep it up.

    We have a farm in Sydney cape Breton...more horses than plants now.but we had superb success with tomatoes and kale last's a start.

    I will return frequently.Blessings.

    Pray for japan.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments Bryn! And your thoughts for Japan. Such a terrible tragedy!! I think that they are in everyone thoughts right now..


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