Saturday, April 30, 2011

April in Paris

I'm back!! Blogging will now re-commence! I'm literally just off the plane from a 10 day trip to France and Belgium!! (my first!) Nice to be home though and there is so much to do in the gardens, plus writing/book work and the radio show starts tomorrow.. (argh - deadlines!!) Plus, I'm still on Brugge time, where it's now 2:36 am.. so, I'm off to bed, but with a promise that I will blog tomorrow (after the radio show) about the wonderful markets we discovered on our European adventures.. plenty of photos too.. artichokes as big as my head, tomatoes (black, fluted), forced asparagus, greens, and much much more.. how does that old song go.. 'I love Paris in the springtime..'


  1. Hope you saved seed from tomatoes black fluted!!

    Glad you are back...

    Listen tomorrow.


  2. Welcome back Niki. Missed. Plants here for you when you catch your breath.. no hurry.

  3. Thanks Donna and Bren - can't wait to see you both again!! Tea soon! I may have 'accidently' bought some seed packets too.. seeds to share! :)


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