Friday, April 15, 2011

A Seedling Update (take 3!)

I now have about 8 trays of seedlings started under the lights.. but, I need to get my act in gear and get the cukes, zucchini and rest of the gourds started. Today! (I hope).. The tomatoes, peppers, brassicas and more are doing very well, but some of the tomato leaves were looking a bit yellowish, so I dosed them with some Seaboost this morning. It's a locally produced liquid seaweed fertilizer.. just a squirt in the watering can and the plants perk up in record time! I also like Gardener's Dream, another locally produced fish and seaweed fertilizer.

Some of the dwarf tomatoes from
I was looking at our giant pumpkin seedlings this morning (thanks again Pete!!).. the kids are soooo excited  about having genuine giant pumpkin seed. They each started 3 and we now have 4 healthy looking seedlings. Mind you, one of them is on steroids! It's 4 times the size of the other ones.. funny how plants do that sometimes. Seeds and seedlings just seem to grow at their own pace. In fact, some of the peppers that I had seeded 5 weeks ago, have just come up! I had given up hope, but kept the soil moist, just in case - and lo and behold, they have germinated!

My kohlrabi seedlings - about 50 in total.. 
It's so interesting that the dwarf tomato seedlings really do grow much more compact then the indeterminate types. They're stocky and well branched and I can't wait to get them into the garden. Speaking of which, I've been busy spreading that manure and it's such a sweet spring pleasure turning the soil and seeing such a large amount of worms. I've been working the soil for so long now, that it's just rich in worms. Originally, I despaired of ever having worms! So many gardening books say things like 'if you don't see at least 30 worms per shovelful of soil, your soil is poor.' Yikes!! I don't think I seed 15 worms now in a shovel, but I know that my soil is very fertile. My plants tell me so.. 

Pretty purple 'Bolivian Rainbow' pepper seedlings
The next few weeks will be light blogging - I have a very special reason why and will share it with you in due time.. (no mother, no more babies!).. I'll keep up as best as I can, but will be back to normal blogging by May 1st.. please be patient! I promise, it will be worth the wait!

Ruffled pansies - love them!!


  1. Those seedlings look great. Well on your way. I'm direct sowing my squashes and cukes, but I know others that start them indoors, so I'll be interested to see how yours turn out.

    I bet you're going to be too busy to blog. Between actually gardening, and your job talking about gardening, you're going to be a busy as tax accountants in April! Best of luck to you!

  2. Thanks Sinfonian! Good guess.. but it's not work that will slow my blogging down for a bit! Mind you, my two sisters are accountants!

    I do sow them indoors - gives me a few weeks jump on the season!

  3. I wish I had seen your site before starting my seedlings this year. I started much too early and now have tomatoes and flowers jostling each other for space on the windowsill. It will be a long wait until I can plant outside in May.

  4. I hope you have a 5 gallon bucket for those pumpkins unless you have a way to plant them and keep them warm outdoors in 2 weeks. They will soon outgrow their home! I just started two seeds and I am a few days earlier than last year(which was ideal weather).If you need more seeds,not a problem.

  5. I just repotted them Pete! Good advice, thanks.. just planted up the cukes and zucchini too.. I think I've reached my quota for seeds this year - have no idea where all will go.. too many tomatoes, peppers, cukes and such.. but, sooo good! :)

  6. Mayflowers are out!!!


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