Monday, April 11, 2011

Worms, glorious worms!! (and more seeds - oops!)

Hello friends.
I'm running a bit late this year..  mind you, spring has been a bit slow too, so I don't feel so bad! But between work commitments, spring colds and unseasonal weather, I'm falling behind. In fact, I just got my late birthday present yesterday - a truckload of 2 year aged cow manure (sounds like I'm talking about fine wine.. 'manure aged in oak casks for 2 years and imparted with a hint of oakiness')!

I've been putting off some of my planting until the manure arrived and I'm glad I waited. It's rich, dark, crumbly and chock full of worms!! Sooooo exciting! When I say 'chock full', I mean tens of thousands of lovely little wrigglers.. The whole family was like kids in a candy shop. The family fishermen, were running for their rods (not with MY worms!!) and the youngest added handfuls to our new 'worm farm', which has taken up residence in a big plastic container in our garage.. well filled with partially aged compost, veggie peelings and handfuls of shredded leaves.

Worms, glorious worms!! Dozens in every shovelful!

I also finally picked the last of the winter carrots this weekend - we got about 40 roots, each 5 to 6-inches long, super sweet and very crisp. Yum!

Oceanview Garden Centre and Landscaping in Chester
In other news, I may have 'accidently' bought more seeds.. I didn't mean to, but I happened to drop into Oceanview Garden Centre and Landscaping ( in Chester yesterday and they had their seed racks up - I couldn't help myself!! A local source of seeds we can't even order online (they don't ship to Canada) - Cook's Garden and Burpee.. plus, Renee's Garden seed racks - emerite beans, purple podded pole beans, Sungold tomatoes, Costoluto tomatoes, mustards, mizuna and soooo much more! Thanks to Susan at Oceanview for hearing my pleas for greater local variety!! She'll also join me on the radio show in about a month to talk about fun new plants for 2011 and some of her favourite landscape plants.

Hope your weekend was manure and seed filled too! Worms, glorious worms!!

Happy Gardening!
The now-empty carrot cold frame piled with manure!


  1. Oh I can smell it!! That carrot cold frame is gonna warm up real fast! Really liked the photo you took of Oceanview...nice vantage point.

  2. Manure with worms too, can't beat that and your plants will love gold.:) Too bad about the shipping restrictions on seeds. I sent some to friend in Canada this winter and it took over a month for them to make it through customs. Glad you were able to find some that peaked your interest at the garden centre.

  3. For those of us who don't drink spirits, finely aged compost is music to our ears!

    Worms and compost are like peas in a pod. When I pulled out a bucket full of compost to augment my beds this year, I may have gotten more worms than compost!

    As for the carrots, I too have to harvest the rest. Mine are growing side roots, but I'll just peal them. Still tasty! I have a few pounds left I think.

    So glad you are getting to your own garden. I know how it is to have commitments.

  4. ...and amidst all this activity,you still had time to write in your blog!!
    Thanks for the gardening inspiration Niki.


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