Friday, May 13, 2011

Caribe Potatoes!

For the past few years, our favourite potato has been Caribe. It's a medium-sized potato with starchy, snow-white flesh and amethyst hued skin. We started growing it for the colour - if it's purple, the kids will eat it - but, I have to say, that Caribe has been a great all-around potato and it holds up to all types of cooking - for baking, boiling, mashing, roasting and potato salad.

Because we love baby potatoes (see photo), I plant successive crops of Caribe, which allows us to harvest tender new potatoes from early summer until mid-autumn.

Now that May has arrived, I popped into my usual source last weekend, but they didn't have any! Yikes.. where was I going to find precious Caribe?? But, they called me today to say that they just got their shipment in!! So, I'll be heading down to Oceanview Garden Center in Chester ( this weekend to pick up my 20 pounds. I know what you're thinking - who needs 20 pounds!? But, in my defense, I'll be sharing and I want to tuck some away for the successive crops.

On a side note, I also picked up some River John Blue potatoes at Halifax Seed - long, oblong tubers with deep purple skin (do you see a purple pattern here??!) and purple and white streaked flesh. So pretty!!

The rain has stopped (temporarily, I'm sure), so get out and plant!!

Happy Gardening


  1. You will have to try to save some 'taters for seed,if you can resist. Niki,are any of those cabbages in the top picture giant ones? The purple shaded ones look familiar.Sure wish the weather would break.My giant tomatos want outdoors badly.

  2. hmm, you must be having nicer weather than here on PEI. My yard is starting to float but despite it all I took myself out Sunday and fixed up the new strawberry bed. Hopefully we'll see higher temperatures soon and like pete, my tomatoes can finally go live outside.

  3. Try Grand Teton Seed Potatoes, They say that they will start shipping their 2012 crop in November. I found that when shipping is included at other sites, Grand Teton is a better value.

  4. Hi Niki, can I please share the image of your 'Caribe' potatoes on my nursery FB page and website blog, credited of course! It's the best image I have seen of this potato... Thank you.

    1. Yes, thanks! I have more photos too.. please do include website link. And I appreciate you asking!! :)


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