Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally getting organized..

We've been home a week now, but rainy weather, endless housecleaning and piles of work (captioning 200+ photos for 'the book') have kept me inside and away from the garden.. I did get the peas and sweet peas in the garden during a brief break from the rain and on Mother's Day, I snuck up to the garden for 10 minutes and planted some salad greens - mild Asian mix, Black Seeded Simpson lettuce, arugula, spinach and my favourite lettuce mix.. it was Mother's Day after all and I needed to do something for myself! :)

I knew I'd be weeks behind with the trip this spring, but I was willing to make the sacrifice.. I was also able to keep our non-stop harvest going thanks to the cold frames and mini hoop tunnels. In one tunnel, I had planted a few dozen clumps of endive, spinach, mustard and lettuce in mid-autumn. Now, they are lovely sized heads and ready for picking.. I will take some photos, but in the crazy rush of this past week the cable that connects my camera and computer has decided to go AWOL.. sigh.. I guess I'll have to look for my card reader instead!

I've also discovered another unique Maritime blog - - check it out.. it's just new this year, and I'm really enjoying the posts..

But, until I find my darn camera cord, here are a few more shots of Monet's Garden in Giverney..

Me, poking through yet another seed rack.. 

Monet's house.. 

I just love the arches.. so beautiful.. 
Approaching the wisteria bridge.. just a bit further down the pathway..

Towering bamboos line the stream.

There it is - and it's covered with tourists.. ah well..

So crowded that we couldn't even get near.. still beautiful though.

Imagine the nasturtiums of summer spilling over the pathway..  (you're not allowed to go down this path, or most paths for that matter. They were roped off.. just the perimeter. 

A lovely Japanese Tree Peony. Huge flowers!!

Leaving, but needed one last look back before the parking lot.. (mind you, the parking lot had a homemade ice cream stand, so it was also spectacular!)


  1. The pictures of Monet's garden are amazing.:)

  2. Thanks again Niki. So lovely on yet ANOTHER rainy day. I really want a wisteria bridge, don't you.

  3. Yes, I want a Wisteria bridge too!! Beautiful photos and so pleased you are sharing some.

  4. Thanks guys!!

    Donna - get Duff to build you a wisteria bridge.. he needs to be kept busy! :)


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