Monday, May 2, 2011

Market Photos Part 2

I'm still in the process of organizing and downloading my photos.. my camera was never far from my hand during our 10 day trip and I ended up taking about 1000 photos!! These first two were of a small market in Bayeux, France (near Juno Beach) and there was an older gentleman in the doorway looking at me as if I had two heads.. I thought the veggie bins were rather picturesque, but I'm not quite sure he agreed with me! I only regret not getting a photo of him giving me 'the look'.. :)

Such colourful veggies!

Everything was so tidy and organized.

A small flower market just 10 minutes from Mont St Michel (my favourite place!!)

More seasonal veggies from Bayeux, France. We just lucked into the Sat morning market. 

Tulips were everywhere - in gardens and in markets. Such colours!!

Brugge, Belgium - veggies and incredible waffles smothered in whipped cream.. sigh.. 

Brugge - so pretty!! I really wanted to buy some tomato transplants!!

What a breathtaking background to the market.

Tomatoes, herbs and assorted veggies in Brugge.

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