Friday, June 10, 2011

Dinner with Mark Cullen!

Oh, the wonderful quality of a blackberry photo!! Remind me (next time Mark is in town) to bring my camera (and fix my hair before the photo!!). Canada's best known garden personality, Mark Cullen arrived in Halifax yesterday for a few days of Home Hardware events. Mark is the national spokesperson for Home Hardware and he will be in Windsor, NS today and Barrington Passage tomorrow. Gorgeous parts of the province!

Whenever Mark comes to town, he is kind enough to join me on The Weekend Gardener for a segment. So, tune in this Sunday for my chat with Mark! We also went out to dinner and enjoyed a lovely meal at Jane's On The Commons. I can't believe I haven't been there before - it was spectacular!

Mark's latest book is The Canadian Garden Primer, An Organic Approach, which is also his 18th book. After just finishing my first, I can't even imagine the amount of work that it takes to write 18 books! For more information on Mark, check out his website at

Happy Gardening!


  1. Sorry Niki but I was looking at Mark. I have been missing your show and you. Will be tuned in at long last.


  2. Jane's on the Common is great...especially because they include Gluten free in their menu(GF on the chalk board)

    18 Books...can't imagine that amount of work!


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