Monday, June 27, 2011

Garden Visitors

Look closely - on the opening bud, you'll see a little friend
Sitting quietly in the garden, hidden between clumps of fragrant chamomile, is a true pleasure. In our techno world, those few stolen moments seem so luxurious - just me and the sounds of the garden. I don't think we often consider our gardens to be 'noisy', but there is so much life in the garden - from the buzzing of the bees to the rustling of the plants to the chirping of the birds.

Now that summer has arrived, I find it hard to work - computer work, I mean. I want to tuck into a thick book, while plopped down in the middle of the garden. And, to be honest, that's precisely what I've been doing on and off the past week while I'm supposed to be working! Opps!

When you look closely, the garden is a very busy place. I thought I'd wander up this morning and see what I could find. Here are a few photos!

This tomato was munched last week by a deer - new growth!!

Ladybugs like spinach too!

The chamomile attracts many garden visitors

Everyone loves the chamomile

This guy hovered for so long that I never thought he'd land!

Flies also enjoy the apple-scented blossoms

He's long gone, but the damage remains - darn slugs!

Busy as a bee!

Just hanging on the garlic.

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  1. I understand what you mean about life in the garden. Yesterday,I took a photo for my (less than 2 week old) blog and not until later did I notice the ladybug on the spirea.


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