Monday, June 13, 2011

My best crop!

Hello my little friend.
This spring, I am growing the best crop of slugs that I've ever had!! What's my secret you ask? Simple - add equal amounts of cool weather and endless drizzle, toss in a few of their favourite veggies - and voila, you've created a slug paradise!!

At this point, I'm growing Chinese cabbage, lettuce, Japanese turnips and asparagus for their dining pleasure. The slugs are so accommodating, in fact, that they even eat the lettuce seedlings as soon as they poke through the soil - thank you very much! At this point, all six of my white pumpkin seedlings have also been enjoyed by our bumper crop of slugs. Let's just hope the giant pumpkins that I plan on moving to the garden today will feed them for a longer period of time.

Last year's Chinese Cabbage - virtually hole free!!
Now, don't be jealous.. you too can enjoy your own slug habitat. In fact, if you like, I'll ship you off some of mine - large quantity pricing available!


Heading to the garden

My slug garden


  1. I too grew a bumper crop of slugs this season. Where did they come from you ask? Why from my gorgeous home-made compost that's where! They killed two of my brassicas and probably ruined my chances at cauliflower due to the holes in the leave that will be needed to cover the head if this weather ever allows it to form. Grrrr.

  2. I did see a programme once where Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall cooked slugs - double Uugh

  3. Oh those slugs! I'm having the same issues. All my precious seedlings are starting to disappear. After such a cold spring it's just not fair.

  4. The following link is my solution to slugs! The lampyrid beetle loves slugs and snails. The ones with irridescence then become fireflys!

  5. Hi Sue -hmmm.. thanks for the thought! My hubby loves escargot, but he doesn't seem to believe me when I tell him to eat our slugs! :)

    Thanks bluenoser - I'll check out the link!

    Hopefully the sun will come out soon!

  6. Look out for the cucumber beetles on those giant pumpkins! One missed day and they can shred a plant,my back-up plants(not under shelter)look like a hailstorm hit them!


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