Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quick thoughts..

Say 'hello' to my little friend..
Ok.. last evening I was able to secure both gardens against the deer (I hope) and was generously helped by the local mosquito population. And, I as laboured by myself (everyone else had activities), I only squirted myself in the face twice with the hose.. a new record! I was trying to hook up the 'scarecrow' motion sensor sprinkler that was very helpful in keeping the deer away last year. I figured that if I 'layer' my defenses, I might be more successful. Of course, the connector to the scarecrow was leaking, so I can't use it until I find a new 'rubber thingy' to stop the leaking.

The sensible thing would have been to turn the hose off after I watered the newly seeded beds, so that I could hook up and test the scarecrow without risk of a faceful of water. Yet, since the tap was 30 feet away, I decided to take my chances with just kinking the hose. Mistake. Again, two facefuls of water.

The new fence is now a 9 foot barrier in most sections. In previous years, we had a 7 foot fence, that the deer would typically jump that at least a handful of times in the summer. Hopefully the taller height will take care of that.. I will snap some photos today to post, but we just used 4 x 4 inch 10-foot lengths of untreated wood that support the deer netting. I'd love to go with a more sturdy fence, but cost and appearance hold me back. We'll give this another go and see how effective it is.. fingers crossed!!

Happy Gardening!

Finally, a secure base!!


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. We've been able to keep the deer out for the last 2 years. Now if I could just find a way to keep the berry stealing chipmunks at bay I'd be happy!

  2. I'd like more info on the "secure base" in the second photo, please. It looks like a metal enclosure to keep the wood post above ground to keep it from rotting. If so, where can I buy them?


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