Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Shoreham Wheelchair Gardens

As I was trying to organize some old e-mails, I just found a few photos from last summer's wheelchair gardens at Shoreham Village and thought I'd share them. These are 2 of the gardens (I plant up about 10) and these beds were planted with a mix of annual flowers and veggies.

The raised gardens are not very deep, but the recreation dept at Shoreham takes good care of them and makes sure they have enough water! Not a problem this week - it's pouring heavily right now..

On a side note, and still on the topic of slugs (I might harp about slugs for months!), we passed literally thousands of slugs on the way to the bus stop this morning. They were all along the side of the road.. disgusting! I'm beginning to think they may take over the world.. total slug domination!


  1. The slugs, the weather ..thumbs down!

    The book preview, the wheel chair gardens (a wonderful good deed)..thumbs up.

    Did I see a little note saying that your book would possibly be released in the UK. What a feather in your cap when this come to pass!Well done Niki.

    Now would you do something about this miserable weather!!

  2. I hear you Donna.. the kids and I watched 'Annie' last night.. and apparently Annie is also an amateur meteorologist - she kept singing, 'the sun will come out tomorrow' and from what Environment Canada says, it really will!! :)

    I still have seedlings for you.. tomorrow i hope!! :)


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