Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Good bugs, Bad Bugs and Giant Pumpkins!

Ah summer.. on those lovely hot, sunny days, the slugs finally retreat to their secret hideouts to breed and regroup. But, on days like yesterday where it was damp, foggy and rainy, the slugs emerge and ATTACK!! Mind you, this isn't another post on slugs. Although I did pick 197 last night before the darkness, mosquitoes and ickiness chased me inside.

I have to be extra vigilant now, in regards to the slugs, as I've become one of 15 growers for Pumpkins for Prostate - and although I've joined the fundraiser a bit late - some of the growers have several weeks on me - I'm going to giv'r my all and try to grow the biggest pumpkin I can.. which brings me to the subject of slugs.. I've surrounded my pumpkin plants with a wide band of diatomaceous earth in hopes of keeping the slimy mollusks from devouring them! Fingers crossed.. with a bit of sunshine, some 'secret' fertilizer and plenty of water, the slugs will stay away and I'll be able to grow a MUCH bigger pumpkin than Halifax Mayor, Peter Kelly or the national Minister of Defense, Peter MacKay!! Bring on the battle for gourd supremacy!

As I was checking up on my pumpkin plants last night, I noticed that my newly planted fall crop of kale has been munched. Upon closer inspection, I noticed these little buggers!! Easy to knock off and smush though, but very annoying!

On a happier note, the garden is also alive with good bugs - including this lovely Luna moth that graced us with his presence last night. We've always treasured our rare encounters with this lovely moth, but since I've read the new book, The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs, I've become obsessed with the moths, butterflies and bugs that we see.

Ah summer, I'm just so happy you're here that I'll take the good with the bad.

Happy Gardening!


  1. kale looks like yours!! Same critters as well. Slugs, not so bad...earwigs..that's another story and ants...!! No Luna moths that we have seen (lucky you)...seems like things are getting established and will hopefully fight off further bug attacks.

    High five on the pumpkins for prostate and I do expect you to win!

  2. I think everyone's garden is being munched this year...don't even mention slugs to me. Last year I gathered them by the bucket...sprinkle salt on them to kill them...pretty disgusting! This year I just stomp every one I see.


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