Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Visual Garden Update

I've been a shutterbug all week taking my camera up into the garden whenever I go (which is not nearly often enough for my sanity), as well as to other gardens that I've been able to visit.. Plus, we had a little visitor - two little visitors - late last week and I wanted to share them with you.

Last Thurs evening, it was raining very hard and just as it was beginning to get dark, we found a baby bird on our driveway. He was chirping, but couldn't do more than hop. When we listened carefully, we heard another chirp and found his sibling 10 meters away. Lucky for us, we have a bird medic in our neighbourhood! We took over our cold baby birds and he was able to heat them up immediately with a heating pad and a lamp. Soon, they'll be big enough to fly and will be able to go back into the wild.. All's well that end's well..

So, onto the visual show.. here are some shots from the past week..

Hello cutie!

It took 20 photos before I could get his open beak!

My first 'White Satin' carrot.. yummy!

I bought this calendula seed in Brugges in April. The first bloom.

Borage fills the garden - maybe a bit too much!

Who can resist the blue, star-shaped edible blooms??

We're at the height of Super Sugar Snap season.. divine!

Parsley and nasturtiums.. love the textures..

My favourite basil - spicy globe! Makes a great garden edge.. like boxwood!

Kale seedpods.. soon they'll be ready to harvest.

Renee's Garden new Circus carrots - the kids ate the purple before I could photograph it!! :)

Next post - the snowstorm of kousa dogwoods from Liverpool NS (was there yesterday! Thanks Chris!)

Purple Wave.. never goes out of style.

Love the colour contrast.

Planted these yellow foxglove over 15 years ago

The blooms time lasts for weeks and weeks!


  1. I love the different colors and textures one finds in a garden. I rescued a bird trapped in our garage last week but by the time I got it outside to release it, it had already dies due to the sad...I hate it when that happens.

  2. Glad someone else is letting their borage go mad! Love the carrot explanation. I'll watch out for that before I take a snap (as I'm growing purple ones for the first time). Foxglove - Purple and white... Yellow's a new one on me.

  3. Jeg kom lige forbi din blog.
    Fine billeder.
    Hvor er din Fingerbøl smuk. Den har en flot farve.
    Tak for kigget.


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