Monday, August 8, 2011

Nasturtiums - Edible Flower Power!

I think I'm on a flower kick.. probably because they're among the only things in the veggie garden that the lone deer hasn't been eating.. He came back again a few nights ago and did re-eat the beans, soybeans and a few more tomato plants.. This weekend I think I'll look for a better fencing material than deer netting. Any suggestions? Something economical.. at this point, I don't even care about looks.. keeping bambi out is all that matters.

Yet, it's not all doom and gloom, we're still harvesting super sweet and incredibly crisp cukes, lovely pattypan zucchini, armfuls of basil and enjoying daily salads with over a dozen greens tossed in for colour, texture and flavour.

Here's a visual tour of some of my favourite nasturtiums - we've got about 8 different varieties this year.. they can be a bit aggressive, but I adore them!

Calendula from our recent trip to France.. so unusual!

I can't seem to capture this colour.. Double deep pink nasturtiums from Belgium. 
The 'black' nasturtium.. it is really deep coloured - very burgundy! Small leaves though.

Vanilla Berry nasturtiums from Renees Garden.. but, look at the colouring on the petal edges! I must save this seed!

A more typical looking Vanilla Berry flower.

Creamsicle nasturtiums from Renees Garden - very peachy!


  1. I grew nasturtiums for the first time this season and am loving the pretty flowers but the leaves are even better, great in salad. Sorry to hear about the darn deer. Have you considered a second fence? Deer can jump high but they can't jump far. A second fence, or net, outside the first one (3 or 4 feet) between might put a stop to him.

  2. I'm not having a deer problem, I'm having a woodchuck problem and he/she doesn't stop at the nasturtiums! I can't wait til your book comes out--I hope someone gets it for me for Christmas:)

  3. Thanks for the advice Marguerite! I have thought about the 2nd fence option, but don't really have the space. I think we need to get stronger netting/fencing. Perhaps a 10-foot concrete wall would work!? :)

    Thanks for your kind words Grace - The book should be out around early-mid Dec - at least, that's what I'm told! :)


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