Saturday, August 6, 2011

Poppy Power - Part 2 (and the deer battle continues)

A few nights ago,  deer got into the garden - both gardens, actually, as my veggie plot is divided into two plots. This is because of the lay of the land and both have 9 foot deer netting around them. New deer netting, I might add, with new 10-ft tall supports! So, how did they get in..? I still have no idea. But, when I arrived home last evening, I wandered up to fertilize my giant pumpkins and lo and behold, who's in the garden nibbling on my peas, soybeans, pole beans and tomatoes? Yep, another deer. I chased him out (he ducked under the netting), but he hung around for over an hour waiting to come back. He had a taste of the good life and he definitely wanted back in!! I re-secured the netting to the wooden base around the garden, checked for any holes in the netting and kept chasing him away (rather loudly, I assume as my neighbours came over to help me shoo him away!)

After an hour, he still lingered, but darkness fell and I had to give up.. hopefully he didn't get back in, but at this point, I'm not sure. The lovely Bren had shared some of her tomatoes with me and one of them was a Granadero, a hybrid paste type with fantastic flavour.. The plant was laden with developing fruits, but now, that plant is gnawed off to stubs. No more Granadero and with the summer we're having (cool, wet, cloudy), I don't have much hope at this point for another flush of blooms.

Anyhoo, on a lighter note, I'm in love with my neighbours poppies.. I know I wrote about poppies last month, but they're just so gorgeous.. so, here we go again. I hope your gardens are deer free! Happy Gardening..

My poppies.. a new colour that has popped up. I've marked the pods for saving.

Love runner beans!! (and so do the darn deer)

Raylene's double poppies

Frilly and gorgeous

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Mauve and pink - a lovely combo!

OSU Blue Tomato (thanks Bren!)

My sad deer-nibbled pole beans

More sad pole beans!


  1. I've had gardens plagued by deer in the past and feel your pain. Once they've discovered your garden it's very hard to deter them. My mother used netting once as she liked that it provided a view through to other parts of the yard. After too many break ins she removed it though. The deer had no problems ripping it and wiggling underneath at ground level. Have you tried tent spikes to hold the netting down in the ground?

  2. Both of the poppies that you show pop up everywhere on our allotment plot - some that are not in the way of the veg are left to seed again!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I appreciate all the suggestions.. I have nailed down the netting around the garden, securing it to the wooden base. Yet, the netting rips easily and aggressive deer - which I seem to have - aren't deterred by the netting.

    Sue - I'm glad you leave some poppies too - they're just so cheerful and they bloom for about 5 weeks in the summer.. I think I'll be collecting most of the seed this year to share. I know that enough 'volunteers' will come back next year anyway.. :)

  4. I feel so sad, for your sad pole beans :-(

    Maybe nylon fisherman's netting will be more durable..

    Let's talk tomatoes soon, okay!!


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