Monday, September 5, 2011

Back from Vacation!

Sorry for the silence, I was down in the US.. such a difference in weather! Of course, when I got home, it was evening, but I snuck up the garden anyway.. I carefully unlatched the netting at the gate and walked the pathways. It was clear the deer had been in - a lot. Yet, it was getting very dark, so I left and carefully re-secured the netting.

The next morning I went up again - and realized that the gate I so carefully secured was the only part of the deer netting still standing! The rest of the netting had been torn down while I was away - by deer? by Hurricane Irene? who knows.. no wonder the tomatoes are trampled and eaten.. the soybeans nibbled, carrots?? ha ha.. what carrots? Beans - nope, just a few left that were too high for the darn deer.

And the newly planted beds for fall and winter - deer prints crushing everything, the baby lettuces and carrots eaten. Only the spinach survived - and actually is thriving. I should know better then to go away in the midst of fall planting.. ah well.. there's still time for more salad greens for fall/winter, as well as radishes, so I will continue to sow..

There are some tomatoes left - not many, mind you - but a few. Here's some of the seed that the North Carolina Tomato Man, Craig sent me - Mexico Midget. They're just pea-sized, but have big tomato flavour. A great discovery..

Hope your gardens are bountiful! (and deer-free).. the next project - a new type of netting/fencing material for the deer - I think it will be an electric wire fence.. any suggestions??


  1. Same here with Mexico delighted with them (thanks to you and Craig)! Sorry about your deer catastrophe but you know the big guy did advise..go electric or go home! Visit for advice ;-)

  2. oh dear, what a sad sight to find on your return home. The first thing that popped into my head when you said suggestions was high voltage. I do love cute little fuzzy deer faces but completely destroying my veggie garden would have put me right round the bend.


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