Monday, November 7, 2011

The ACORN Organic Conference and Trade Show

This Friday is Nov 11th, which is a very special day for Canadians and every year, for as long as I remember, we have attended a Remembrance Day ceremony to honour those who have served. Yet, this year, it seems even more important to me. Way back in April, we spent a few weeks exploring France and Belgium and as we enjoyed the typical tourist spots, as well as some that were pretty off-the-beaten-path, we were also following the footsteps of my great-uncle who gave his life in World War I at the tender age of 20. We visited Vimy Ridge, a number of Canadian graveyards, the Juno Beach Centre, Menin Gate and many more of the sites that were involved in both WWI and WWII. It was truly sobering and the courage of these soldiers was and still is extremely inspiring.

The Juno Beach Centre

Vimy Ridge

Now, on a more light-hearted note, after this Friday's ceremony, I will be heading to Dartmouth to speak at the 12th Annual ACORN Organic Conference and Trade Show. My topic, which is near and dear to my heart, is 'Winter Greens - Sprouts, Shoots and Cold Frames'. I'll be speaking at 3:15 and you can click here - ACORN Organic Trade Show to get more information on the event. Hope to see you there!

I'm off to the garden to raise the ends of the mini hoop tunnels and pop the sashes of the cold frames completely open. It's going to be a gorgeous November day and if I don't vent the structures, the veggies will cook! :)


  1. From CanadianGardenJoy

    "Hello there and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving comments : ) I hope your morning frost and fog pictures turn out beautifully .. that is a fantastic combination that I love as well !
    Thank you for mentioning Remembrance Day.
    We were a military family for 27 years .. my husband is a Gulf War Vet (the first Gulf War)
    We also had the opportunity to live in the Netherlands for 4 years and our son saw first hand those heart wrenching areas where so many lives were lost .. it is hard for North Americans to really imagine what it must have been like for past Vets and present unless they have a military family member.
    I'm not a veggie grower but any kind of gardening gets my attention .. your book looks great !
    Joy : )" CanadianGardenJoy

  2. Remembrance Day ...It was so good to read your tender post. Thank you.

    As for should be wonderful and what about those Halifax chickens??? BG

  3. Please help! I really like your blog, Niki, and look forward to reading your book once it's published. I am trying winter gardening for the first time in Kansas, I think we are zone 5 and have only had a few light frosts here. We bought a cheap "tent" greenhouse that was destroyed last night by a really bad rainstorm. I think the rain was too heavy for the 1/2-inch pvc pipe holding it together. Any ideas for a quick fix so I can save my seedlings? I already have chard and asian greens established, some medium-sized kale with tiny carrot, mesclun mix and spinach mix seedlings that are going to die if I don't do something soon.

  4. Hi Melissa,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your storm! I buy 1/2 inch PVC conduit from the hardware store and push the ends into the soil to make a 'hoop' above my crops. Space them 3 feet apart and attach a bamboo post or 1 x 2 piece of wood to make a center support - this is vital in areas where there is snow in the winter!! Cover with a piece of clear plastic - we use greenhouse poly - and either weigh down the ends of the poly on each side of the structure with rocks/sandbags, logs, etc or use 'snap clamps' or a homemade version to 'lock' the poly onto the hoops. Twist the ends shut like a giant candy and tie closed with a piece of twine.. Your plants are very hardy and will be able to withstand some frost, don't worry!! Even if you cover them with a row cover/old sheet at night for the next week or two, they will be fine. Good luck and keep me posted!!

  5. We were able to get 3/4 inch PVC to make hoops. It's been unseasonably warm so I haven't even needed the plastic yet. I got 4 mil, although some of the websites I found suggested at least six. In fact, I think it helped having the greens open for a few days, because I found some worms and caterpillars eating my greens.


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