Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Frost, take 2!

Years ago, before I used to garden year round, I loathed frost. It signaled an end to the growing season and I had to retreat indoors to wait impatiently for months and months until spring finally arrived. Now, I love frost and whenever we have a frosty morning - like today - I hurry up to the garden with my camera before the sun can melt the ice crystals away.. Here are a few shots from this morning.. 

Opps! Did I leave these outside again!

A new mustard that I'm trying - so far, very very hardy!

Kale - look at the frozen ice droplets in the middle of the leaf.. Isn't it gorgeous!!

Pak choi.. another salad crop that becomes sweeter with a touch of frost.

My favourite kale - I've been adding it to my soups, stir-fries and wraps.. so good!

Parsley lasts the winter when tucked in a cold frame. 

My last zinnia.. it was a bit sheltered, but now I think it's toast!

A quick mini hoop tunnel to protect against frost. Look at the thick layer on the grass!


I know.. too many kale photos.. but it's just so lovely!

Kale, mini hoop tunnels and cold frames (tucked WAY in the background)

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